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Multi Spindle Quick Change Tapping Chucks.
Manufacturer and Exporter of Multi Spindle Quick Change Tapping Chucks.
For use on transfer lines, special purpose machines, single and multi-spindle machine, with reversible spindles.


Small outside diameter
Quick Change of tap adaptors -
to insert push the adaptor into the chucks and to eject knurled sleeve of the chuck is only to be pushed back.

Misalignment between spindle and drilled hole is compensated by the self centering Radial Parallel float. This also ensures thread precision.

Multispindle tapping with different thread pitches without synchronization of rotation and feed of the individual spindles is possible with length compensation. Differences between the spindle feed and thread pitches are corrected by the length compensation acting on compression and expansion.

As far as possible use the heavy printed shank size.Only when size 1 or size 32 chucks can not be used because of the centre distance, chucks of size 0 should be used, and not otherwise.

Can be applied vertically and horizontally for right and left hand rotation.

Diameters of the chucks are designed in accordance with DIN 55058 standard spindles.

Special purpose chucks are available on request.