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Reversible Tapping Attachments.
 Manufacturer and Exporter of Reversible Tapping Attachments.
'TACO' Patented reversible tapping attachment with robust construction offer following advantages :
  • Usable on every vertical drilling machine or machines with rotating non-reversing spindles.
  • Right or left hand tapping without modification.
  • Complete protection against tap breakage ensured by an ultra-sensitive and smooth operating ball-clutch.
  • Forward and reverse ball drive design transmits rotational power to the tap and disengages smoothly and silently.
  • Axial float ensures smooth tapping and better thread profile.
  • Cushioned drive elimnates the possibility of cross threadings during roughing and finishing taps and ensures gauge prefect thread.
  • A planetary gear reversing mechanism transmits smooth positive reverse to the tap retraction and it retracts 75% more faster than it enters.
  • Accurate depth control by means of its accurate neutral mechanism.
  • Batch quantities or mass production of tapping can be achieved accurately by this attachment
  • Having versatile application in every machine shop, it dispenses with laborious hand tapping and use of expensive machines.