Polygon Taper
CNC Tapping Chucks
Tap Adaptors
Multi Spindle Quick Change Tapping Chucks
HSK Tooling
VDI Stationary Tooling
Revolving/Dead Centers
Heavy Duty Tapping Chucks & Adaptors
Tools & Appliances Corporation Indmech Industrial Corporation
Reversible Tapping Attachments
Self Opening Die Heads
Die-Holders & Tap Chucks
CNC Tooling System
Universal quick change Chuck and Adaptors
for Drilling Reaming and Tapping

Adjustable Adaptors Floating Holders
NON Reversible Quick Change Tapping Chucks
Hydraulic Chucks
IMI MACHINE TOOLS PVT LTD is currently one of the largest manufacturer of Precision Tool Holders in India, and most professional providers of machine accessories with more than 6000 different products.

Started in the early 70's we are in the manufacturing of Tapping Chucks, Tap Adaptors, Quick Change Drilling & Tapping Chucks, Rigid Tapping Chucks & Floating Reamer Holders. Since last 30 years we are into manufacturing of Precision Collet Chucks, Side Lock Holders, Combi Shell & Mill Holders, Morse Taper Holders, NC Drill Chucks, Tapping Chucks for CNC Machining Centers, in different mountings like MAS 403, HSK (Din 69893), SK (Din 69871), Din 2080, NT series, VDI (Din 69880 – VDI 3425), etc.
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